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Move over Ann Landers and Miss Manners. Bartender Bob could care less about etiquette; he exists to pour drinks and dish answers to wayward PR folks who need a straight shot of truth.

Bartender Bob answers all career- and industry-related questions and does so with the bite of a drink laced with 151. His Italian, in-your-face responses may rub you the wrong way, but he means well.


Today's Question:


Bartender Bob:  Heads are rolling weekly. What can I do to keep my job and avoid the ax?

Grinding My Teeth While They're Grinding the Ax

Dear Grinding My Teeth While They're Grinding the Ax

Now is the time to put your nose to the grindstone and become an expert. Companies are scrutinizing who is indispensable and who is indigent. If you want to keep your head on your shoulders, specialize, don't generalize. As Al Reis repeatedly says, "Focus. Your future depends on it." Reis says narrowly focused companies or consultants are the big winners. They are the ones who are smart enough to get rid of extraneous, energy-wasting ventures and efforts and cash in on one area of focus. They're laser-focused, therefore in demand.

Rather than grinding your teeth day and night, do like my genius friend Randy Leiker does. Dedicate two hours a day toward professional reading about trends in your niche area. Do it no matter what, and you'll be in demand as much as Randy, who could have three clones of himself and still not get caught up on client demands, because he's so indispensable.

Bartender Bob

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