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About The Bar

Our Brew


Come On In® opened its doors to the PR-weary in late 2001. We are the sole providers of refuge for the overworked, underappreciated risk-takers who produce miracles daily, regardless of budget, deadline, or outrageous client demands.

Indulge Yourself

We encourage you to visit our grafitti-laden, smoky cyberwalls and indulge in heavy thought or conversation with a good, stiff drink. Go ahead: Relax or get raucous. This is your spot. Your retreat. Your inspiration destination. We're your sassy source.

Revive Your Spirit

Let us inspire you with radical new thoughts, raw truths, and real remedies for the raw deals that can suck the life out of you in the PR world.

Get Real is your back door to a more candid and uncensored meeting place than offered by stuffy, uptight associations, trade conferences, and breakfast clubs. Fair warning: Our articles, content, and approach aren't intended for prudes.

Binge At The Bar

Our editorial content at is published whenever we feel like it.  Actually, we update around the clock ... so be sure to drop in each day to indulge in News Munchies, Biting Commentary, Tips 'n Tricks, Niblets, and other features. Visit these bar rooms as frequently as your significant other can stand.


You needn't be on your best behavior when you visit our site (as a matter of fact, we hope you're not). Just check your ego at the door and bring some color, candor, and passionate opinions. We'll supply the rest.