Bar Rooms

Ask Bob

Trump's Tax Returns

Bartender Bob:  Here's a political communications matter for you.  Do you have any advice for Presidential candidate Donald Trump on releasing his elusive income tax returns?

Stop the Presses - I Want Off!

Bartender Bob:  I've been churning out three company newsletters every month for two years. I'm fried on the whole process. Any suggestions?

The Ethical Costs of Padding a Report

Bartender Bob:  My supervisor just asked me to fudge some big numbers on a client report to make our efforts match their expectations. What should I do?

PR Pros' vs. Journalists' Salaries

Bartender Bob:  I'm a reporter who has recently been offered a writing position with a large PR/Lobbying firm. Where can I get information about negotiating salary and benefits? I've heard fantastic stories about PR salaries and it wouldn't be that difficult for me to go to the other side.

Tampons vs. the Taliban

Bartender Bob:  My work seems meaningless and trivial. How can I concentrate on pushing consumer products like tampons and detergent at my agency when the world is at war?

Corporate, Agency, or Small Biz

Bartender Bob:  I'm a former analyst who wants to move into the PR world. I'm completing my MBA and have no idea if I should pursue a corporate, agency, or small business PR position. Any advice?

Humor in the Workplace

Bartender Bob:  I'm not having any fun any more. Work is a drag and everyone seems less than enthused to be doing what they're doing. What's the deal?

Lawyers Who Work the Media

Bartender Bob:  Do members of the law community use the media to propagate their client's lawsuit in an effort to draw the other side into a quick (and handsome) settlement? Is there any harm in cultivating a high-profile case through the media?

Relocating from Canada

Bartender Bob:  I want to relocate out of my province or maybe even out of the country (Canada to U.S.). What's your advice for job hunting from afar?

Avoiding the Ax

Bartender Bob:  Heads are rolling weekly. What can I do to keep my job and avoid the ax?

Leaving TV for Greener PR Pastures

Bartender Bob:  I am a television news anchor with ten-plus years of experience behind the desk. I've won dozens of awards for my news writing. I am also a Public Affairs Officer in the U.S. Naval Reserve. I'm sick and tired of working "in" television and want to make the switch to PR. I've mailed out more than 100 resumes but haven't gotten a single nibble. What's up out there? Is it the economy or me?

Snagging Celebs for Festival Promos

Bartender Bob:  I am 24 and lucky enough to have stumbled into a PR position for a museum in South Georgia. I've been at it for three years with strong results, but now my boss wants me to arrange Willard Scott-type celebrity promos for a festival that we host (we already have somewhat of a regional draw). I have no idea how to even initiate something like this. Can you help?

Career Choice: PR or Ph.D.?

Bartender Bob: I worked for 5 years as an Advisor to a wealthy trust-funder, but his family's ties in pro sports turned my position into more PR and spin doctoring than anything else.  While my BA and MA degrees are in the arts, I received so much on-the-job PR training working for these folks that I think I should pursue this direction for my next job.  Do you think this is enough experience?  Before that, I'd been teaching and pursuing a Ph.D.

Help for a Media Law Student

Bartender Bob: I am a PR student ...  I need Media Law professor wants me to research a case involving PR.  Any suggestions?...I am desperate!