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PR Pros' vs. Journalists' Salaries

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Move over Ann Landers and Miss Manners. Bartender Bob could care less about etiquette; he exists to pour drinks and dish answers to wayward PR folks who need a straight shot of truth.

Bartender Bob answers all career- and industry-related questions and does so with the bite of a drink laced with 151. His Italian, in-your-face responses may rub you the wrong way, but he means well.


Today's Question:


Bartender Bob:  I'm a reporter who has recently been offered a writing position with a large PR/Lobbying firm. Where can I get information about negotiating salary and benefits? I've heard fantastic stories about PR salaries and it wouldn't be that difficult for me to go to the other side.

Bedeviled by the dollar

Dear Bedeviled by the dollar

Oh the evils that lure, grass, and ass. Is it the money you really want? You say you love your job and are good at it. That puts you in the 10 percent of Americans who can say the same thing. Consider yourself blessed and don't sell your soul for the dollar (the other two evils -- well, maybe).

However, you can satisfy your curiosity about your market value by downloading a PRSA salary survey (it'll cost you 50 bones). I find published sources of PR salaries, such as the one on Internet PR Guide, to be inflated. A current issue shows someone of your background making $56K to $86K, depending on the area of the country where you work.

Why don't you cut me a break and go online and scope out some of the comparable job postings and associated salaries.

And, hey Mac. You better leave a good tip for this one.

Bartender Bob

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