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Tampons vs. the Taliban

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Move over Ann Landers and Miss Manners. Bartender Bob could care less about etiquette; he exists to pour drinks and dish answers to wayward PR folks who need a straight shot of truth.

Bartender Bob answers all career- and industry-related questions and does so with the bite of a drink laced with 151. His Italian, in-your-face responses may rub you the wrong way, but he means well.


Today's Question:


Bartender Bob:  My work seems meaningless and trivial. How can I concentrate on pushing consumer products like tampons and detergent at my agency when the world is at war?

Tampons vs. the Taliban

Dear Tampons vs. the Taliban

Well the way you feel is a bloody shame. Sorry, Mac, you left yourself wide open.

I'm not a bible beater, but do believe we all have purpose and meaning, and more importantly something to offer if we dig deep enough. Dig Mac, dig.

Convince your shallow, profit-focused clientele to get behind some worthy cause like sending needed supplies to our military (contact someone at the White House before shipping those worthless rags).

If you work leaves you hollow, quit putting so much face time at the office and get your sorry ass involved in some soul-quenching charity. These are times of self re-evaluation. We're fortunate to have the options we do. Best of luck getting your life on purpose.

Bartender Bob

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