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By Richard B. Barger, ABC, APR

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In loco parentis seems to be alive and well at the heretofore august Columbia University. This “no-class” joint is treating its students like red-haired stepchildren.

Seems Al Gore is lecturing at the U’s Graduate School of Journalism. In protection of who knows what, the U has decided that students in Gore’s classes can’t tape-record his lectures.

Wonder what happens if a student happens to have a learning or note-taking disability?

They also have given the journalism profession and free enterprise the raspberry by barring students who attend the Top Secret Gore Lectures from working as paid sources or stringers for news organizations that have developed a sudden intellectual curiosity about what goes on in a college class.

We certainly should be afraid of journalism students who actually try to practice journalism, shouldn’t we?

However, showing marvelous flexibility and the tolerance for freedom of academic thought and discussion, CU has rescinded some moron’s ruling that students were disallowed from even TALKING about the class’s content.

At least now the students can actually have a study group helping one another prepare for comps or class exams.

Wouldn’t you be proud to be a Columbia grad, basking in the knowledge of the professional principles that are being taught at your School of Journalism?

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