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Your Vote Matters ... Even When it Doesn't

By Richard B. Barger, ABC, APR

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We've all listened to the pridefully disdainful news panel "talking heads" who have made clear that they are so disgusted with the U.S. Presidential race that they're not going to vote.  Oh, they think themselves to be so intellectual and "cool," appealing to their equally cool and arrogant friends.

These shortsighted commentators have decided that their disgust is the only thing that matters, acting as if Tuesday's election is solely for President.  Anyway, in their exalted opinions, if a voter lives in a state whose views and tendencies are known to be lopsided, one vote won't matter, so what's the use? 

Well, you erudite "thinkers," your approach belittles democracy.   There also are elections for Senators ... and Representatives ... and many local races ... and state amendments and propositions ... and local issues galore.  Many times these elections turn on just a few votes, and occasionally -- admittedly, rarely -- on one vote.

So don't be taken in by these self-anointed "opinion leaders."

Your vote matters, even if they say it doesn't.

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