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$40 Million PR Guy

By® Staff

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For those of you who've wondered how to establish a "value" for your Public Relations services, professional basketball's New York Knicks have provided an answer: It's $40 million, give or take.

Seems the Knicks think Hall of Fame Coach Larry Brown broke Knicks and Madison Square Garden policy by conducting "roadside interviews" without a team PR official present, after the Knicks refused to make Brown available for official media sessions.

According to the Associated Press, this violates a no-exceptions policy of the Knicks, the New York Rangers (owned by the same guy), and the round Madison Square Garden.

After a dismal 23-59 seasion from a team with the highest payroll in the league, the Knicks were gonna fire Brown, who had four years and around $40 million left on his contract, anyway, but now their overzealous lawyers think they see a way to save the Knicks millions on Brown's contract.

After all, they say, it's "team policy."

If this were an issue important to camera-hungry Congresspeople, can't you imagine the bright lights, blue backdrops, banks of microphones, and hue and cry that would be raised, claiming that, contract or no contract, Brown's free speech rights were being trampled by the big, heartless corporation he worked for?

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