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Build, Export Lists with Contacts On Tap PREMIUM

By Richard B. Barger, ABC, APR

Originally Posted

We know it sounds like sales hype, but patron interest in our Contacts On Tap™ PREMIUM service is through the roof.

Our original, low-cost product, Contacts On Tap, allows you to look up contact information for some 60,000 U.S. media representatives.

But now we have implemented our most-frequent patron request: Contacts On Tap PREMIUM allows you to build as many contact lists as you like and download – or export – updated information to your own computer, spreadsheet, database, contact manager, label maker, word processor, or whatnot, as often as you like.

You can add notes to each list and to each contact individually. Contacts On Tap PREMIUM is $695 instead of the standard service's $395. Each product comes with a prorated money-back guarantee. And we offer a 20 percent discount to registered not-for-profit organizations.

Our 15-day Free Trial gives you complete access to the original Contacts On Tap. If you'd like a Free Trial of Contacts On Tap PREMIUM, contact us directly, and we'll be pleased to oblige. We'll also give you any hands-on training or guidance you need, as often as you ask. (See if any of the big, impersonal on-line directory companies do that!)

Happy pitching!

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