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By® Staff

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It's only swimsuits, for goodness' sake.

That's 15 swimsuit-clad models, mostly in bikinis -- although you only get to see their ... er, ... chests -- on a billboard adjacent to an Interstate highway in semi-conservative Blue Springs, MO.

Twelve of these puppies -- perhaps that's a bad word choice -- are displayed near highways in the Kansas City area, helping radio station KYYS promote their anniversary with the tag line, "Celebrating 30 big ones!"

Most locations have received few complaints, but Blue Springs city fathers listened to city mothers and, to the publicity-minded radio station's delight, harrumphed until the station "relented" and decided not to hold on to the offensive bosoms.

We're not sure the city is going to be any more pleased with the solution: The replacement billboard has 30 shirtless men and their beer bellies.

The only thing KY didn't think of was to post a string of the 12' x 40' ads all in a row, like the old BurmaShave signs.

No accidents have been reported.

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