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Catch Us at the Bar at the IABC Conference

By® Staff

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We're headed out to the IABC International Conference in Chicago this week. Well, actually, that's the editorial "we"; the Curmudgeon's traveling, while the Proprietor is staying home to mind the store.

You can catch up with the ubiquitous Rich throughout the Conference. He'll be in session after session with his laptop, pretending to take notes, while he's actually preparing next week's CornerBarPR.comSM copy. He's serving as a reporter for IABC this year. Check out the Conference highlights on line.

He's also the voice you hear at the beginning of each General Session: "Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the 2002 IABC International Conference!" Staff calls it the "Voice of God," but that's because the announcements come from the room's ceiling speakers, not (we're told) because of his big ego.

The famous Ned Lundquist, ABC, owner of the Job Of The Week franchise and Trolling For Jobs columnist for CornerBarPR.comSM, is on the program -- using Barger's laptop for his presentation, no less -- and will be passing out JOTW ribbons and hosting a JOTW rally and sideshow.

No, we don't have a booth at the trade show, but see Rich to learn more about our 24,000-listing update to Contacts On Tap™, to be completed shortly after the Conference. For three more months, you'll be able to subscribe to our killer, low-cost, on-line media database for $200 annually and be grandfathered in at a discount for the rest of time (as long as you subscribe continuously). After that, prices are going up, so you'd better act now!

Rich looks just like his picture -- a short Luciano Pavarotti with a somewhat less marketable singing voice, a salt-and-pepper beard, and quite a few ribbons on his name badge.

Maybe he'll give you one of his cool business cards.

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