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Dig_iT Magazine: High-Tech Stuff for Ordinary Folks

By® Staff

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"It's not for geeks anymore. Let's show cool people using technology," says Fred Davis, former editor of PC Week and PC Magazine, as he launches Dig_iT -- "Can you dig it?" -- a magazine on high-tech toys for ordinary consumers, spiced by celebrities.

Dig_iT advisory board member Stewart Alsop says, "Wired's become ultra-boring. Everyone else is going out of business or playing it safe, so there's probably room in the tech publishing industry."

With high-tech magazines dropping like flies, Davis sees the glass as half full: more opportunity, not a bad marketplace. If he's right, celebrity features and product reviews will attract enough attention and financial backing for a second issue in April.

The magazine and related businesses plan to focus on consumer electronics, computing, communication, and entertainment.

"Let's show cool people using technology," he says. "Like Maxim," after which it is modeled, Dig_iT will be "hip, with a fun sense to it."

And just like CornerBarPR.comSM, huh?

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