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'Diggin' a Grave with a Knife and a Fork'

By® Staff

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We confess to not previously being familiar with the easy-talking, sharp-witted Gov. Mike Huckabee of Arkansas, but, now that we've heard him interviewed, we have a new linguistic hero here at®.

Huckabee was just interviewed on "Imus in the Morning," and we're convinced he wants to be a sportscaster after he retires from -- or gets booted out of -- politics. He certainly has the patter down.

Don Imus actually knows how to conduct a pretty good, understated interview. He also has a penchant to go off on tangents. From the interview:

Imus: "This photograph of you that they show on MSNBC, is that a current … Can you see it?"

Huckabee: "I've seen it. Yes, I've lost 105 pounds in the last year."

Imus, accusatorially: "Why?"

Huckabee, setting up his sportscaster audition tape: "Well, 'cause I needed to. I was diabetic; I was sick; and, uh, you know, I was dying.

"I was diggin' a grave with a knife and a fork, and, uh, it was my own grave, and I decided I could do one of two things:

"I could get six really strong guys to get recruited to carry me away and put me six feet under, taking a 'dirt nap,' or I was gonna have to change my lifestyle.

"So I really kinda finally had a wake-up call, and I did what I should have done years ago…. I couldn't hardly lead my own state to being healthier if I was the poster child for everything unhealthy -- and I was….

"Now I'm running, and not just because people are chasing me."

We're going to champion Huckabee in the finals of the cliché-per-minute award.

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