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Direct Marketing Assn. Slips on a Pile of Spam

By Richard B. Barger, ABC, APR

Originally Posted

The Direct Marketing Assn. has received one too many spam emails.

Apparently the consumer marketing lobbying organization has stumbled onto what all other computer users have known for many, many months -- that Unsolicited Commercial Email, or spam, has clogged Internet pipelines and user e-mailboxes and is about to overwhelm any remaining usefulness the medium has for marketing.

We've written quite a bit about the subject here at CornerBarPR.comSM. See:

In an abrupt turnaround, the DMA has come to the conclusion that government regulation is needed. Not, of course, to protect consumers, but to protect their members.

"We need legislation," says DMA vice president Jerry Cerasale. "We believe the sheer volume will just swamp the medium and the medium will no longer be useful for marketing."

For marketing. Get it?

Well, whatever the reason, the DMA used to oppose federal anti-spam legislation and now plans to lobby for laws controlling it.

'bout time.

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