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Down, Down, Down

By Richard B. Barger, ABC, APR

Originally Posted

Paraphrasing country music superstar Johnny Cash, we "fell in to a ring of fire" and "went down, down, down."

If you're interested in technical stuff, the RAID controller in our server broke and one of the hard drives went down; our Tech God has been skinning up his knuckles (Randy says "it burns, burns, burns!"), getting this expensive toy working again. Temporarily.

We're operational again -- obviously -- but our patrons were inconvenienced, our window-shoppers were inconvenienced, our Tech God was inconvenienced -- hell, we couldn't even log on to our own Web site! Oh, and some computer company's gonna be sending a bunch of replacement parts. Thank goodness for service contracts.

We apologize for the down time. We'll have another brief "bar closure" on Friday, when Randy replaces a bunch of equipment -- just pretend it's Election Day or something -- and rebuilding the RAID array will degrade our sites' performance for a few hours, but then, he tells us, everything should be lovely.

Maybe it was al-Qaida.

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