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The item may be only a little sidebar, but author Gwen Moran sure got all the facts right – and included all the right facts! – in her "Quick Pick" in the Marketing section of the current issue of Entrepreneur magazine.

If you turn to p. 79 of the Jan 2004 issue, you'll see a nicely written précis of "The most affordable on-line media directory – bar none!™"

That would be Contacts On Tap™, of course, the killer media relations product of®. Until we get around to ordering some hats and t-shirts and crap, it's the only thing we sell.

Gwen mentions all the right stuff:

  • some 60,000 U.S. media contacts

  • 15-day Free Trial

  • $395 annual subscription cost for Contacts On Tap LITE

  • $695 for Contacts On Tap PREMIUM, with list-building and -exporting features

  • $95 discount if you trade in a competitive product

... and what she calls "sharp-witted editorial." Entrepreneur – on newsstands everywhere. A terrific publication -- particularly this month!

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