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Full-time Cellular Starting to Pull the Plug on Phone Service

By® Staff

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You may not save any money, but you'll have new-found freedom and new ways of doing business if you cut the cord.

Nearly 30 percent of personal calling minutes already are over the airwaves, rather than via land line, according to the Yankee Group. The technology consulting company says that, in four years, there will be 200 million mobile phone subscriptions in the U.S.

Three percent of us already have given up land lines -- some surveys say as many as five percent; nearly 40 percent of all users have considered it -- with a mobile as their only phone. But the major change, Yankee Group says, is the "migration of personal calling minutes to mobile phones by those who retain land lines but use them less."

Some cellular companies are beginning to market themselves as an alternative to residential wired service. But the Yankee Group doesn't predict any cost savings until competition heats up further.

Now if we can just figure out some way to remove the cell phone from the ear of that asshole who's driving down the freeway in front of us ...

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