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How Many Barrels of Beer Did PR Sell?

By® Staff

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R&M may not be S&M, but it can be sexy nonetheless, because money is involved.

IABC and Delahaye Medialink have scheduled an edgy Research and Measurement Conference – "Generate a Positive Return on Your Investment" – in New York’s Times Square (need we say more?) Nov. 20-21.

In a world where not only the truth is being stretched, but the results are being stretched to the point of corporate felonies, what better time to attend a conference on accurate measurement methods? They’ll talk about honest-to-goodness ROI and how to prioritize and measure communication outcomes so you can demonstrate a positive return ... without going to jail.

A dozen big names in both the communications and measurement fields plan to cover up-to-the-minute topics such as "Start with the Truth and Then Edit: How to Take the Spin Out of Corporate Communications" and "Making the Tie from PR to Sales: How Many Barrels of Beer Did PR Sell?"

The conference headlines our friend and® contributor Mark Weiner, Delahaye CEO, who seems to be stuck in Limbo. His conference keynote title is "Escaping the Mire of Limbo: Buying-in to Research and then Selling-it-in to others...," reminiscent of his column, "Here’s the Key to Spring the Lock of Limbo."

The conference will be held at the Doubletree Guest Suites. You can register (US$675 IABC member/$825 nonmember) on line through IABC.

For more information, contact Mary Durkin, Delahaye Medialink Marketing Director, at 203-663-2430.

To avoid Limbo, you’re on your own.

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