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How to Win a Communications Competition

By Richard B. Barger, ABC, APR

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IABC's communications competitions are Quills: Gold Quill, Silver Quill, Bronze Quill. IABC's Southern Region is accepting entries for the Region's Silver Quill competition.

Whether you enter IABC competitions, or PRSA's, or those of some other organization, you might be interested in dropping in to a free live audio session on Thursday, 06 Jly 06, 6:30-8:00 p.m. Central Time.

It's billed as "Meet with the Quill Gurus," but, actually, it will be packed with information that any communicator can use to enter objective-based professional communications competitions.

Call 1-866-650-0635, access code 77477, to listen in.

If you want to submit questions for the Gurus to deal with in that session, email our Chief Curmudgeon.

Additional information about the 2006 Silver Quill competition is available on the IABC Southern Region Silver Quill Web site.

No time to call in for "Meet the Quill Gurus"? The Southern Region Silver Quill chairs have posted FAQs that reveal the tips 'n tricks to entering -- and winning -- communications competitions.

Yes, our Chief Curmudgeon wrote 'em, but, even so, there may be some valuable hints that would help you do better in competitions. For the FAQs, see "You Don't Want Me as Your Judge, Unless ..."

If you want to know the mistakes to avoid and the tricks that will help you stand a better chance of faring well when your work is reviewed by some faceless judge, drop in.

You can't do better than FREE.

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