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IABC 2009 International Conference Moved Up a Week

By® Staff

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If you'd already made your reservations and marked your calendar for the 2009 IABC International Conference, we hope you used something erasable, like pencil, or easily replenishable, like electrons.

The dates have been moved up a week: The Conference now will be held at the San Francisco Marriott hotel 07-10 Jun 09, a week earlier than previously announced.

It's not likely that the hotel will let you book your room this far in advance, anyway -- we haven't checked -- but we know that many folks are trying to avoid the next year's expected 14 airline price hikes and fuel and baggage and fat-passenger surcharges by booking flights early. If you're one of those plan-aheaders, you're gonna be "out" the exorbitant re-booking fee your friendly airline charges.

According to IABC, "The change was prompted by a generous offer to IABC by the San Francisco Marriott hotel that will help offset budget increases and keep costs competitive."

IABC says program and registration information will be on line in Dec 08, with lowest registration rates offered through 31 Jan 09.

And, for the overly anal, there's another change: No longer is it the IABC International Conference. No, the new official moniker is IABC World Conference, "to better reflect the program's global emphasis."

Apparently, the word International wasn't quite sufficient to convey the idea that they're holding an, ... er ..., "international" get-together. Or maybe IABC expects an increase in registrants from Mars or Alpha Centauri.

We assume a change to Intergalactic is in the planning stages.

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