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IABC Pours Heart and Soul into 'Best Practices' Book

By® Staff

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Rich Barger is recovering. The IABC staff? Well, that's a different question entirely.

Our Chief Curmudgeon has just completed duty as managing editor of IABC's latest volume of Gold Quill award winners: Best Practices in Communication Planning and Implementation.

The 544-page volume with the unwieldy title -- Why on earth couldn't they have simply called it Best Practices, or, as they had done for 15 years starting in the mid-'80s, No Secrets? -- contains case studies from 111 Excellence and Merit Award recipients from IABC's 2004 international communication competition.

The book is a terrific best practices resource for any communicator's professional library, and a "must-have" for anyone entering Gold Quill or any other major competition. The thinking that goes into the Work Plans also would be useful backgrounding for the accreditation process. The secrets the entrants share should be benchmarks for practitioners everywhere.

IABC offers a just-off-the-presses sale: $100 off retail for any book ordered by 31 Dec 04. (That works out to $99 for members of the association, $149 for non-members.)

Gold Quill is a big-deal annual international awards competition sponsored by IABC. This year's version logged 928 entries in 20 categories from 20 countries.

Rich has edited books before, but all he's willing to say about this volunteer effort is that he's glad it was for a good cause: "I've done a lot of multi-author editing in my career, and I've never seen such imaginative use of so many of the more obscure features of word processing programs -- and had so much ... er ... help from my client."

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