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Innerwear Condoms: The Hard Part's Up to You

By® Staff

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Every now and then, an ad catches our eye that is so incredibly CornerBarPR.comSM.

Innerwear is an awesome example. They're in Playboy ("Entertainment for Men") and negotiating with Cosmopolitan ("For Fun Fearless Females") -- nice choices, guys -- with stylish full-page ads of leggy girls at a bar, being hit on by, or hitting on, a guy wearing what must either be the hippest or the ugliest pants we've ever seen.

The ads and the company's Web site use kick-ass copy:

"Innerwear Condoms -- The Hard Part's Up to You"
"Coming Soon. We Know You Wish You Were."

At their ad agency, Sciortino Advertising, it must have been very hard ... to stop with only two ballsy lines.

The Innerwear Web site is a cornucopia of information -- more than anyone really needs to know -- about condoms. For instance, their product has met ISO standards 2859-1 and 4074 and ASTM 3492-99, if you care about such things. And their colors, of course, are FDA certified. No runny colors where it could be embarrassing, we guess.

Look at the "But my partner says" Q&A. We haven't used their products -- yet -- but we have sent off for our free sample.

We predict Innerwear has a hit on their ... er, ... hands, so long as the product measures up.

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