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It's Michigan v. SBC in Big 10 Football

By® Staff

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Football is so confusing. The Big 10 has 11 teams. Or maybe 12.

Confusing, because one of the season's biggest games is -- or was ... or now isn't -- about to become the SBC Classic. That’s a better monkier than the creatively underwhelming, but longstanding, "The Game," which fans of The (tradition-laced) Ohio State University and the University of Michigan had dubbed the contest prior to SBC's involvement.

The Game. Whee.

Money is a big deal in college athletics, and "This new agreement is much preferred to a 12th game," Michigan coach Lloyd Carr said, referring to the $1.06 million SBC Communications had offered the schools for a two-year naming rights deal.

Except Michigan had second thoughts. Perhaps a better way to say it is, the call was overturned upon further review, after cooler heads prevailed.

Whatever the reason, Michigan backed out. To make it look as if he actually had input into the one-sided decision, Ohio State athletic director Andy Geiger said, "As we attempted to move forward, it became apparent that this agreement could detract from the great tradition of the game [The Game?] itself."

Right. If it takes two to play, and one refuses, you might as well come up with something, huh? Looks to us like Michigan won this contest by default.

SBC already has a branding deal with both the Cotton Bowl and the annual Oklahoma-Texas Red River Shootout in the Big 12 Conference.

Actually, considering how Ohio State is playing this year, maybe a game between Michigan and SBC would be more entertaining.

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