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Jobs, Jobs, and More Jobs: We've SuperSized Our Career Center!

By® Staff

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A bunch of people we know are out of work. One by one, they come to us, asking us if we have any job leads, any tips, any ideas.

Well, rather than relying too much on the job openings we've personally heard about, it's a whole lot better for them if they tap into our newly expanded Trolling For Jobs career center.

Trolling For Jobs is one of the most popular sections of CornerBarPR.comSM, and, just like our killer on-line media directory, Contacts On Tap™, it has just been SuperSized!

We've always had Ned Lundquist's entertaining and extremely useful Job Of The Week newsletter. He lists jobs by the dozen, updated three times weekly, along with homespun commentary and support from an active community of experienced communicators -- those who want jobs, those who want employees, and those who have heard about jobs that they're passing along to the entire gang.

But now we've added even more jobs and job information and job resources and services, courtesy of a new partnership with the popular is endorsed by the Public Relations Society of America and the Council of Public Relations Firms and is designed both for job seekers and for employers. You can post your job opening on line, search for PR jobs, or have us review and evaluate your resume, all from the friendly, familiar surroundings of your favorite local CornerBar.

JOTW and the new mix for any communicator in the job market. Pull up a stool.

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