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Journalists on CNN Broadcast 'Lean In' to Attack Trump

By Richard B. Barger, ABC, APR

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We're not saying CNN is "in the tank" for Hillary Clinton, but, if you watched Sunday's "Inside Politics with John King," you might conclude that some of the supposedly even-handed journalists on his panel are.

Three times during the first few minutes of the broadcast, CNN Senior Political Reporter Nia-Malika Henderson and Molly Ball, staff writer for The Atlantic, scoffed at the Donald Trump candidacy, saying Clinton should "lean in" to attack Trump during Sunday's Presidential Debate.

Are we the only ones who noticed them subliminally using -- and repeating -- the Sheryl Sandberg terminology (strongly reminiscent of MSNBC's no-longer-used "Lean Forward" promo line) about women taking advantage of gender diversity?

The "lean in" phrase was so awkwardly used and seemingly forced, that we assume both journalists received the same Democratic Talking Points memo.  

At least they restrained themselves from blatantly using the Clinton campaign's "Stronger Together," while deriding Trump.

C'mon, girls.  If you can't actually be impartial, at least you can pretend to be, when you're on national teevee.

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