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Let Us Burn Your Binder: Save $$$ on Contacts On Tap™

By Richard B. Barger, ABC, APR

Originally Posted

'Tis the season -- when spending is up, revenues are down, and saving money is "top of mind." Our hot Contacts On Tap™ on-line media directory offers you three new ways to save:

  • We want to Burn Your Binder. Actually, it's our Trade-In-Your-Print-Directory Discount. If you turn in a 2002 or 2003 media binder or national directory with your order, we will give you an immediate discount for trading up to our terrific on-line directory. The value of this fresh kindling for our office bonfire is $95, plus you get rid of a heavy book that could hurt you if it falls off the shelf. Let us burn your book or binder!

  • We believe in serving the under-served, so we offer a Nonprofit Organization Discount of 20 percent. Now that's for businesses that are chartered as nonprofits and can prove it, not those that aren't making profits because of bad luck, the business cycle, poor management, or the fact that your sugar daddy died. Take advantage of our admiration of the work that nonprofits do. We guarantee you that the BIG on-line directory companies aren't offering any nonprofit discounts!

  • We offer a terrific discount on multi-seat licenses, if you qualify for the Chamber of Commerce Discount. We know you're faced with never-ending requests to update media lists for your members. As if your staff didn't already have enough to do! Well, we can do that updating for you! CornerBarPR.comSM offers Chambers of Commerce a passcode and multi-seat license for our on-line media contact directory. Give it to your members, or sell it to 'em! Regular price is $895 annually, but, in the holiday and New Year's spirit, you can save an extra $200 if you subscribe before Jan. 31, 2003.


    If you're a Convention and Visitor's Bureau, we'll grant you the same deal.

For more details on our multi-seat license and discounts for nonprofit organizations and the "Burn Your Binder" promotion, call Brenda Clevenger at 866-272-2777, toll-free.

Nothing pleases us more than meeting your needs and saving you money -- and, of course, selling a subscription or two along the way!


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