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Magazine No Longer 'Coming Up Roses' for O'Donnell

By® Staff

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"I cannot have my name on a magazine if I cannot be assured that it will represent my vision and ideas": Rosie O'Donnell.

Picky, picky.

Publisher Gruner + Jahr USA has taken editorial control away, in violation of their contract, Rosie says, screwing with her integrity and name. "That price is too high," the former talk show host said, in an angry news conference.

"The CEO of G+J, without my permission, called a senior staff meeting in my personal office," she said.

Ohmygoodness! The CEO called a meeting when Rosie was out of town. What could he possibly have been thinking?

At around 3.5 million copies, Rosie had the 13th highest circulation among national magazines, according to Advertising Age.

Gruner + Jahr is shocked and disappointed, but it still occurred to them to take a parting shot: "She has walked away from her television show, her brand, her public personality, her civility, and now her fans, the advertising community, her business partner, and her contractual responsibilities."

G+J also publishes Fast Company, Fitness, Parents, and Family Circle magazines, presumably with somewhat less acrimony.

Started in April 2001, and closing in December, the magazine lasted about as long as a dotcom.

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