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Making an End Run with a Taxing Promotion

By® Staff

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On April 15 -- we all know what day that was -- the Altoona, Pa., Curve, a AA baseball team, put on a fan's night: "Ode to Enron: A Taxing Promotion."

They put up a tax-preparation booth, worked with the U.S. Postal Service for a ballpark drop-off site for tax returns, and sold replica shares of Enron stock, with proceeds to be donated to the Enron Ex-Employee Relief Fund. The team promised a $250 donation for each home run -- "Homerons" -- hit by a Curve player.

Accounting firm Arthur Anderson also was acknowledged in the festivities. As fans passed through the turnstiles, their tickets were shredded. Any fan with the names Arthur or Anderson was given a discount certificate for souvenirs.

Their game with the Erie Seawolves was played at the temporarily re-christened "Endrun Field."

Turn a creative marketing staff loose, and you'll never know what hit you.

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