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Maybe Geno ISN'T God

By Richard B. Barger, ABC, APR

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People get awfully exercised over sports. (Excuse us. Couldn't resist.)

East Hartford, Conn., city fathers are trying to reign in a zealous sports fan who either is exercising his Constitutional right to free speech or is acting contrary to public order and decorum.

A sign posted in the window of the Stereo Surgeons repair shop honors University of Connecticut women's basketball coach Geno Auriemma, who led the team to the NCAA championship last spring.

Well, actually, it deifies him: "GENO IS GOD," the sign says.

What most people would see as enthusiastic support has been interpreted as blasphemy by the humorless folks at St. John's Episcopal Church, right across the street, who obviously aren't Huskies fans. And the town's action, telling Ken Bernacky to remove the sign, makes him think of censorship.

They're calling out a little-used provision of local zoning regulations, claiming that the sign cannot remain because it celebrates an event that has passed more than 60 days ago.

Oh, we get it. That sign at the city limits that says, "Home of the NCAA Champion Huskies," also will come down after 60 days, right?

Sure it will.

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