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Media Rottweilers ... or Lap Dogs?

By® Staff

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Who and where are media Ralph Naders when we need them to tear the media a new one when they bias the coverage or tilt toward blood and guts vs. rainbows and recovery?

According to former CBS exec Bernard Goldberg in his book, Bias: A CBS Insider Exposes How the Media Distort the News, news reporting has become a really slutty, smutty business. Goldberg, during his interview with Barry Farber in the audio program "Off-the-Record," said the blame-America-first media elites are quick to denounce anyone who exposes their leftist bias, but are far more forgiving of terrorists who murder Americans.

Geraldo said, "At this juncture, one must evaluate how to feel about the voices telling us only about the bad news in Iraq, whether from the mouths of news anchors or Democratic presidential hopefuls. At best, they are under-informed. At worst, their one-sided assessments of post-Saddam Iraq are intentional falsehoods for obvious reasons."

Give us the whole story, the true story, and nothing but the balanced story, so help you God, you bloodthirsty media ambulance chasers. Otherwise, who are we to believe? Geraldo, who revealed so much information he got kicked out of Iraq, or Goldberg, who revealed so much behind-the-scenes news-sifting and bias-shifting that Dan Rather blackballed him from the networks? Or both?

Bernard may have bit the hand that fed him, but it's our job to watch, decipher, and question the news, lest we be no more than brainwashed pups.

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