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Mia Hamm Beats the Daylights Out of Mike Tyson

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Rather than math teachers or truck drivers, PR execs have again picked athletes as the corporate spokespeople they would choose to represent their clients if they were launching a new product or service in 2002. Imagine.

Most marketable female athlete was Mia Hamm of sports-bra fame, the most honored female soccer player ever, according to Alan Taylor Communications, Inc., an agency specializing in sports and leisure public relations and event marketing. Basketball executive Michael Jordan edged out golf conglomerate Tiger Woods as most-sought-after male spokesperson.

Almost as foxy

Tennis fox Anna Kournikova parlayed movie-star looks with a strikingly unsuccessful year and a No. 71 ranking on the WTA tour to gain second place among woman athletes, despite volleys with both the media and PR firms that should have drawn warnings from the umpire.

Lemming-like PR execs again and again pick athletes as corporate spokespeople because it's simple, and because clients like to pal up with attractive, multi-millionaire television icons. You won't see any assistant AE's going to THESE shoots, that's for damn sure. One analyst blamed the media, rather than lack of agency imagination, saying the media are "slow to let go" of legends.

Dunno. Mike Tyson certainly is a legend, and he didn't even make the list.

Most Sought-After Athlete Spokespersons



  1. Michael Jordan

  2. Tiger Woods

  3. Derek Jeter

  4. Lance Armstrong

  5. Jeff Gordon

  6. Peyton Manning

  7. Andre Agassi

  8. Kobe Bryant

  9. Andy Roddick

  10. Shaquille O'Neal


  1. Mia Hamm

  2. Anna Kournikova

  3. Venus Williams

  4. Jennifer Capriati

  5. Serena Williams

  6. Picabo Street

  7. Lisa Leslie

  8. Michelle Kwan

  9. Marion Jones

  10. Brandi Chastain

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