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Nominate the Best Dressed/Worst Dressed/Undressed PR Site of 2002

By® Staff

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CornerBarPRSM is cashing in on the Oscar buzz and giving you a chance to get buzzed yourself by submitting nominations for the best -- and worst -- PR sites on the World Wide Web. Nominate sites in the following five categories:

  • Large PR Firm

  • Small or Medium PR Firm

  • Independent Consultant

  • PR Industry E-zine

  • PR Association or Online Community

Once the nominations are in, your favorite bar babe, Kristin Gambill, and her new hetero bar mate, Christy Crews, will sort the candidates and give all you drunken sots the chance to vote on the final "winners." On March 20, Kristin and Christy will push Joan and Melissa Rivers aside and dish out the winners and losers.

Submit all (and there should be many!) nominations to or by sending us the name, URL, and category of the site you want to nominate.

Bare all in your comments about why you think it's the best site in its category, or why it belongs on Mr. Blackwell's Worst-Dressed list.

Check in next week for your chance to vote on the best and worst!

If you are the first to nominate one of the winners, we'll send you some cheesy promotional crap.

Barkeep, gimee another.


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