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Penthouse Removes Breasts

By® Staff

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Tennis babe Anna Kournikova is suing Penthouse magazine over a fault.

A 13-photo spread of a topless woman, purported to be the 20-year-old Russian tennis pro, actually is made up of seven-year-old shots of Judith Soltesz-Benetton, 28, whose father-in-law is the famous fashion designer Luciano Benetton.

Kournikova and Soltesz-Benetton are each seeking damages in excess of $10 million in separate lawsuits.

Penthouse's June cover screams, "Anna Kournikova Caught Close Up on Nude Beach."

For the sake of journalism, we carefully reviewed Penthouse's Web site. (No, you can find the address yourself.) The home page contains a prominent statement under the headline, "Penthouse Apologizes." The publication claims it was misled and believed the pictures were genuinely of Kournikova.

Penthouse got their tit in the wringer this time: It's usually the breasts that are fake, not the entire person!

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