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PR News Offers Curmudgeon's 'Tips for Making the Right Hire'

By® Staff

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There it is, in magnificent black and white:

Issue 25, Vol. 62, of PR News has printed our Chief Curmudgeon's "Tips for Making the Right Hire."

It all started simply enough, when PR News editor Phil Hall asked an on-line newsgroup for "advice [for] this year's college graduates as they prepare to leave the campuses and head out into a career in public relations."

Our Curmudgeon lives to give advice, most often when it is unsolicited, unwanted, and, many would say, unneeded. But once someone asked -- well, he sent about five times as much as PR News wanted, and which they gleefully edited down to maybe a page's worth.

What are some of the tips?

  • Your resume had better be perfect.

  • Show me what you bring to the table and help me see you performing in my job.

  • Quantify, quantify, quantify. I want to know about increased sales, increased profits, decreased costs, reduced turnover; not the number of media releases you distributed.

  • Give some thought to how this job fits into the profession.

  • Know what keeps the CEO up at night, then be an advisor to management, not simply a PR guy who happens to work for a business.

PR News would be delighted to count you among their subscribers, and we obsequiously grovel in their direction and thank them for offering yet another megaphone for our Chief Curmudgeon's rantings.

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