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Professional Accreditation Is Easier than You Think

By® Staff

Originally Posted

First, the disclaimer: Our Chief Curmudgeon is Director of Examinations for the IABC Accreditation Council. So he has a dog in this hunt.

But he also knows an awful lot about Accreditation, so, whatever he says about the process is almost believable.

Anyway, for IABCers, there is a new Member Centre Forum on Accreditation. The sucker has just been started, so there's not a lot of discussion going on yet, but it's a terrific place to get your questions answered, and to find out what concerns other practitioners about the Accreditation process.

Our Chief Curmudgeon is one of only about 70 people in the world to be accredited by both IABC and PRSA. While PRSA seems to hand out its APRs like lollipops, IABC still has some standards. [We're sure the IABC Accreditation Council disavows such inflammatory statements and will be eager to distance itself from what are admittedly our CC's unsanctioned, personal observations.]

Even so, as he loves to say, "Accreditation is easier than you think."

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