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Property Owners Bugged; Want to Stomp Spider-Man

By® Staff

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A tangled web surrounds the owners of prime billboard space on Times Square buildings and Columbia Pictures, the studio behind the upcoming Spider-Man movie.

Columbia is owned by Sony. The buildings in the movie host advertising for Sony competitor Samsung. So, some genius at Columbia decided to digitally alter the Samsung ad and others into oblivion. They weren't brazen enough to replace them with Sony ads, but they did insert ones from USA Today and Cingular Wireless.

Apparently, they made a similar change in some teevee commercials for the movie.

The building owners and the sign company have gone after Columbia like a railcar of Raid, citing violations including trespassing, piracy, deceptive trade practices, and just general cussedness. They say Columbia is costing them revenue in the "one-of-a-kind advertising venue."

Now, kids. Play fair and share.

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