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Right to Bare More than Arms

By® Staff

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A mayor who chose to bare her breasts may not be mayor much longer. Residents of a tiny mining town 45 miles west of Denver want to strip away a former stripper's elected office.

Koleen Brooks has served as mayor in Georgetown, Colorado for half of her elected term, but her constituents want to have a recall vote and kick her out of city government because they believe she is giving the town a negative image.

What’s the image she’s giving Georgetown? Brooks is the owner of a beauty and tanning salon, has a passion for motorcycles, and was a stripper before taking office.

Recently she’s been investigated for exposing her breasts at a bar, putting a hit on a police officer, and fabricating a story of being attacked. Although some residents say her intentions for the town - such as building a skate park for children and a footpath over a creek - were good ideas, these ideas are lost among her personal publicity tactics.

Apparently Brooks is still practicing her stripping, so if she loses her position as mayor, she can fall back on her previous career. Let’s hope the next time she’s in a bar, she’ll at least be politically correct enough to wear pasties.

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