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Sassy, Sexy Site Seeks Synergistic Success

By® Staff

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We keep getting good press at CornerBarPR.comSM, and we love it!

"It’s a sassy site with enough sex and drink double entendres to spin your head. But behind CornerBarPR’s drunken swagger is a carefully crafted business plan put together by two accredited business communicators—Brenda Clevenger, ABC, proprietor, and Rich Barger, ABC, APR, chief curmudgeon."

Well, the writer, Cathy Chatfield-Taylor, certainly has tabbed us. Her very friendly article, "CornerBarPR takes sober approach to planning," appears in the current issue of Kansas City/IABC's newsletter, e-CommuniKC.

"'We’re a Laurel and Hardy-like team,' said Clevenger, whom Barger credits as the creative genius and driving force behind the startup. Despite their wise-cracking banter, the two clearly have a synergy that balances fiscal responsibility with an aggressive growth plan."

The article speaks of our rich content -- now 355 pages and growing -- our killer on-line media directory, Contacts On Tap™, and our 14,000 monthly patrons. That's you, and we thank you!

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