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Sex in the Catholic Church -- This Time on Radio!

By® Staff

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The latest Catholic Church sex scandal has nothing to do with priests.

Hosts of the "Opie and Anthony Show" on WNEW-FM in New York City were fired after a radio contest went all the way once too often.

Greg "Opie" Hughes and Anthony Cumia were pushing "Sex for Sam," a radio contest for a major sponsor, the Boston Beer Co., maker of Sam Adams beer. Couples coupled in public places for points and prizes.

Virginia contestants Brian Florence and Loretta Harper Florence -- the "Juicy Lips" team -- were caught by police making like Adam and Eve in a vestibule of St. Patrick's Cathedral ... as if there wasn't enough sex going on in Catholic churches these days.

Their act-ing was broadcast live by Paul Mercuiro, who also was arrested.

Boston Beer has apologized, taken out newspaper ads, started a PR campaign, and generally slobbered all over itself about the incident, apparently trying to atone for CEO Jim Koch enjoying the broadcast from WNEW's Manhattan Studio.

Other notable promotions for the Infinity Broadcasting station have included the Naughtiest Nightie Contest, a Boob-O-Lantern Contest, and a Whipped Cream Bikini Contest. Infinity is a subsidiary of Viacom, which owns 180 radio stations in 22 states.

That master of decorum, Howard Stern, gleefully took pot shots at his former rivals, saying 1) they deserved to be fired, and 2) he'd like them to be on his show as guests.

It seems ol' Howard has even less shame than Opie and Anthony.

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