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A stereotype broken at last. Bankers can throw their cares to the wind like the rest of us. That's what five Barclays bankers did with a clean conscience and clean palate after indulging in close to $63,000 worth of France's most revered wine last summer.

After a lucrative day, the bankers threw back a few bottles of vino, except the bottles slightly exceeded the price deemed as a high-premium table wine -- $7 and over.

They downed a bottle each of Chateau Petrus (the 1945 at $16,500, the 1946 at $13, 400, and the 1947 at $17,500), a century-old Chateau d-Yquem at $13,100 and a Montrachet at a mere $2,000.

They not only lost their cares but their jobs for trying to expense back a portion of the bill. It seems they needed a designated buyer instead of a driver to keep them on the straight and narrow. Or at least that's what we heard on the grapevine.

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