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SuperSize This: Is More Than a Mouthful a Waste?

By Brenda Clevenger, ABC

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We live in a world of excess. The terms supersize, jumbo, Big Gulp, and magnum abound on retail shelves, restaurant menus, and condom dispensers. We porky people place tremendous value on size.

Today, a 32-ounce soda is the standard serving at amusement parks; you can find 64-ouncers at many retail outlets. It's rare to find a steak less than 12 ounces on a steakhouse menu, even though a mere three ounces of meat is the U.S. government's recommended serving.

Our portions are way out of whack. Average steak portions now weigh in at least 224 percent over the recommended amount, with cooked pastas averaging 480 percent, muffins 333 percent.

We want more food, more sex, more money, and more bang for the buck (or is that more bang from more bucks?). Either way, we believe bigger is better.

The only health-conscious thing to do is to bypass the supersized Coke and fries for something a whole lot healthier and calorie-free to boot -- our newly SuperSized Contacts On Tap™ media database (enlarged nine times as of this week).

Do your body a favor. Use your mouth to pitch more media this quarter and sample less supersized edibles. Your clients, lovers, and CornerBarPRSM will be glad you did.

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