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Take This Press Release and Send It

By Richard B. Barger, ABC, APR

Originally Posted

In October, we launched our 55,000-listing on-line media directory, Contacts On Tap™, the 1.0 module. Someday we'll share a few of the many comments we've received from delighted patrons. For the thousands of folks who requested more functionality and distribution -- well, it seems like thousands, anyway -- do we have a Christmas present for you!

Our programming elves are working night and day building Contacts On Tap, the 2.0 module. Level 2.0 will allow subscribers to download data and create labels and letters on your own system. It will also allow you to build, save, and send to customized distribution lists directly from Contacts On Tap 2.0.

So if you haven't tried Module 1.0, sign up today. Remember, we offer a fully functional 15-day Free Trial, along with an in-depth Product Tour and an excellent assortment of FAQs. If you're holding out for Module 2.0, email us your name and contact information so we can get in touch when it's ready in mid December.

Contacts On Tap 1.0 is $395 for an annual subscription. Try getting the other on-line directories to talk to you for $395! You can't even purchase a print directory for less money and more contacts.

Contacts On Tap 2.0 will be $695 for an annual subscription. Current subscribers will be able to upgrade to 2.0 if you need the extra functionality.

At that rate, our pricing moves from incredibly less expensive than our so-called competition to merely enormously less expensive. The $395 Level 1.0 product will remain available for patrons who don't need the extra features.

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