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The Holstein Bites McApple

By Richard B. Barger, ABC, APR

Originally Posted

The new Gateway Profile 4 "all-in-one" LCD computer can be found all across the dial these days in a poke-in-the-iMac ad blitz that shows that Apple doesn't have the only cute, self-contained, flat-screen unit.

The ads, featuring a Profile doing flips and backflips over three iMacs, end with, "Did we mention the Gateway Profile 4 costs less than the iMac?" with the Holstein giving the Apple a raspberry. The campaign, which doesn't include Gateway's trademark Holstein cattle look, is reminiscent of similar recent iMac spots.

The Profile offers six models with no cable clutter, simple setup and transport, a small footprint, flat-screen benefits, futuristic appearance -- it's a wonder that other manufacturers haven't jumped on the bandwagon.

Mac aficionados pan the Profile's bulky flat screen and limited-tilt-and-no-pan-or-swivel capabilities, but they have to admit it's better than a tube-type behemoth that requires extra bracing just to hold up the monitor stand. The flat-panel iMac has been around since January.

NEC has introduced its own flat-panel product, the PowerMate Eco, which it touts as ecologically friendly. It needs some advantage, for the sucker is underpowered, slow, and relatively expensive.

But neither has iMac's ergonomics, cachet, or jump in the marketplace. Before long, it may be the Mac that's doing backflips.

[We don't own stock in any of these companies, but Brenda loves her iMac.]
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