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They Forgot 'The Kitchen Sink'

By® Staff

Originally Posted

Lawyers love words.

But, because they worry about someone else interpreting those words, they use a lot of 'em, just in case.

In a petition concerning the National Football League's Washington -- Alert! Alert! Potentially offensive word follows! -- "Redskins" (See?  We warned you!), the overly zealous lawyers, who may have billed by the word, have said the -- Another warning! -- "Redskins'" trademark should be canceled.


Well, their petition says it is a "pejorative, derogatory, denigrating, offensive, scandalous, contemptuous, disreputable, disparaging, and racist designation for a Native American person."

So there.

Although the lawyers had unlimited room to say whatever they chose,® wanted to be certain they said everything they needed, so we asked The Words Guy. He suggested a few words the lawyers may have overlooked and might consider including, if they have to revise or resubmit their petition:

abasing, abhorrent, abject, abominable, abrasive, abusive, adverse, afflictive, annoying, antagonistic, appalling, arrogant, aspersing, aspersive, atrocious, audacious, bad, base, belittling, bigoted, bothersome, brutish, calumniating, calumnious, cankerous, captious, caustic, cavalier, censorious, coarse, condemning, condescending, confusing, contemptible, contumelious, corrosive, damaging, debasing, defamatory, degrading, deleterious, demeaning, deplorable, deprecatory, depreciatory, derisive, derisory, derogative, despicable, destructive, detestable, detracting, detractive, detractory, detrimental, direful, disadvantageous, disagreeable, discordant, discouraging, discourteous, discreditable, discrediting, discriminatory, disdainful, disgraceful, disgusting, dishonorable, dishonoring, dismissive, displeasing, disquieting, disrespectful, distasteful, distressing, disturbing, dogmatic, domineering, dreadful, dyslogistic, egotistical, egregious, embarrassing, evil, execrable, false, fanatical, flagrant, foul, fractious, galling, gauche, ghastly, grievous, harmful, hateful, heartless, horrific, horrifying, hostile, humiliating, hurtful, hypocritical, ignoble, ignominious, immoderate, imperious, impolite, improper, inappropriate, indecent, indelicate, indifferent, inflexible, injurious, insalubrious, insolent, insulting, intemperate, intolerable, invalidating, invidious, irreverent, irritating, knavish, libelous, loathsome, lowly, malevolent, malicious, malignant, mephitic, misanthropic, mocking, monstrous, narrow-minded, nasty, nauseating, negative, noisome, obdurate, objectionable, obloquious, obnoxious, obtuse, odious, onerous, opprobrious, outrageous, overbearing, painful, peremptory, pernicious, pompous, prejudicial, preposterous, presumptuous, pretentious, procacious, profligate, repellent, reprehensible, repugnant, repulsive, revolting, rude, sardonic, scabrous, scoffing, scornful, scurrilous, shameful, shameless, shocking, slanderous, slighting, smug, sordid, spiteful, supercilious, sycophantic, tacky, tactless, tasteless, traducing, truculent, unbefitting, uncivil, uncomely, uncompassionate, uncomplimentary, unconscionable, uncouth, undermining, unfavorable, unflattering, unjust, unpleasant, unprincipled, unpropitious, unrepenting, unseemly, unsympathetic, untactful, vexatious, vicious, vile, vilifying, vituperative, wanton, wretched, wrong

Oh, and let's not forget "icky."

Actually, we believe this is all a smokescreen for the plaintiffs' belief that calling a football team the -- Alert! -- "Redskins" is false advertising, because, under most lighting, their skin isn't really red.

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