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Toy Yoda Forces Bust Up Hooters Promotion

By® Staff

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A former waitress now will be able to buy a round for the house at Hooters after an April Fool's joke promotion gone awry.

Hooters restaurants in the Panama City Beach, Florida, area promised what appeared to be a new car to the winner of a beer sales contest last year. Jodee Berry worked her butt off for that car, and did whatever else it is you do at Hooters to sell beer, and won it, fair and square.

When the winner was led to the parking lot in a blindfold, she was blind-sided to learn that the carefully pronounced Toy Yoda was not the homophone Toyota. It was a toy doll, the little, green, 900-year-old character from "Star Wars."

Wasn't her reaction a hoot? Gotcha, har har.

The Force was with her, though. After prosecuting the inevitable lawsuit, her attorney finally negotiated a settlement for this misconceived word play. Now, she'll be able to go to a dealership and "pick out whatever type of Toyota she wants," he says.


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