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Undocumented Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Feature Could Save Your Life

By Richard B. Barger, ABC, APR

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone burned, blackened, and destroyed by fireHave a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone? If you're a camper, you may be in luck.

Oh, sure, Samsung is recalling the phones because of batteries that explode or catch fire; but, rather than taking the company up on its offer to swap them out for new smartphones, consider keeping the phone with you when you go hiking or camping.

This particular model is not quite so consumer-unfriendly as the news stories would have you believe. Indeed, if you get hopelessly lost, the phone could save your life -- especially if you can't receive a cell signal.

Take advantage of a previously undisclosed safety feature: Use your new combustible Note 7 to start a signal fire. Then keep warm by the fire until help arrives. (Just don't burn your hands if the battery explodes.)

Lots of electronic devices have undocumented features. Aren't you glad we've told you about this one?

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