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Unexpected Server Glitch Crashes

By Richard B. Barger, ABC, APR

Originally Posted

No, the revenuers haven't closed down®. But we were busted, just the same.

And it took a surprisingly -- infuriatingly -- long time for us to fix the problem even to the current state of things. Our site will look like a bad hangover for the next several days. Not everything will be accessible. However, once our Tech God restores access, Contacts On Tap™ should work like always.

Actually, this is only the second time since our little Corner Bar opened its doors in 2001 that our entire server cluster has failed to "serve" our patrons for more than a few hours' worth of routine updates, equipment change-outs, and suchlike.

No patron has lost Contacts On Tap lists, and, of course, our user database -- your name and address and mother's maiden name and the combination to your office safe -- was secure; it wasn't "that kind" of problem.

But we're chagrined that any patron had to experience any downtime. So here's what we've done:

All paid subscribers to Contacts On Tap will automatically receive a 10-day extension of their subscription, at no charge, to help make up for any inconvenience they -- you -- may have experienced during what is now a 75-hour outage and counting.

For the rest of you, to parrot the old joke, "Thank you for flying Lufthansa."

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