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By Richard B. Barger, ABC, APR

Originally Posted

As we said in this space almost a year ago -- Wow! Has it been that long? -- we've permanently closed our Contacts On Tap™ on-line media directory and are devoting increased attention to®.

Then stuff, both personal and technological, got in the way, and our beginning-to-be-fleshed-out plans fell to the bottom of the stack.

But we're finally moving ahead as we promised at that time, returning to what we love: Narrative communications -- along with some newer technology that will allow us to finally do what others already are perfecting in sound, graphics, and other visual communication.

We're journalists at heart, so much of our initial thrust will be words and columns and commentaries and such. As we try to catch up with what others already know, we'll expand our offerings -- with mistakes and false starts and a few "Oh, my!" moments, we're sure.

But we are movin' on.

Be patient through the rough bits, and understand if not everything looks pretty for a while. But do come along for the ride.

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