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We Like K.D. Paine's Measurements

By® Staff

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It's nice to be honored by anyone.

It's really nice to be tapped by someone you respect.

Katie Delahaye Paine, publisher of The Measurement Standard, named CornerBarPR.comSM in the current issue's "The Best of the Web" column.

The Measurement Standard should be on the reading list of everyone with the slightest interest in measuring and evaluating their work -- most everyone in PR, MR, and business communications qualifies under that criterion. It is a terrific source of the latest news, tips, developments, case studies, and advice in the field of PR evaluation and measurement. Typical article topics: "Justify Your Budget Without Even Having One" and "How to Measure Success in Cyberspace."

Publisher Paine, either a particularly astute observer or having had a few too many mint juleps, calls a "witty and informative site [that] really does feel like a friendly corner bar, complete with in-your-face advice from Bartender Bob, plenty of places to rant and vent, and an interface so hip your thighs will be sticking to the Naugahyde."

She says we "serve up a double shot of PR news and views in a very shaken-not-stirred package."

"It's a groovy place, man," she says, "and there's good advice served up like free beer nuts throughout."

We owe you a tall one, Katie.


Our Chief Curmudgeon is never above stealing a good idea. For more on measurement, see this week's Biting Commentary, "Pounds of Proof: Taking the Measure of Bad PR."

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