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Where's Contacts On Tap?

By Richard B. Barger, ABC, APR

Originally Posted

We've decided to permanently close our Contacts On Tap™ on-line media directory.

Since December 2001,® has offered U.S. media data to independent public relations, media relations, and business communications practitioners and entrepreneurs at small business prices.

We wish it were otherwise, but, because of decreasing data quality, a huge price increase, and increasing unreliability of the organization that provides our data -- a well-known media database company, whose name you likely would be familiar with -- there's not much else we can do. We refuse to provide an inferior product at inflated prices.

It turns out there was a reason we could find only one industry source willing to provide the data we needed at a reasonable cost.

If we knew of another low-cost provider of some 80,000 U.S. media contacts, we'd be happy to refer you, but we don't, so we can't. The best we can do is to thank our current and former Contacts On Tap patrons for their loyalty and kind words.

We'll be devoting increased attention to -- which we've neglected in favor of our on-line media directory -- but we won't be offering media data.

Have one last round on us. Sit back and listen, as the house band warms up.

Our fat lady has arrived.

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